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New York, New York, United States
Agency Overview
SapientRazorfish is a new breed of transformation partner designed to help companies reimagine their business through radical customer-centricity. With more than 12,000 employees and 70 offices around the globe, their capabilities span growth and business model strategy, new product and service innovation, customer experience, enterprise digital transformation, IT modernization, omni-channel commerce, precision marketing, change management, digital operations, digital innovation, data strategy and advanced analytics.
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Products and Services


SapientRazorfish works with B2B and B2C business, marketing and and technology leaders across all sectors to transform their businesses through the design, execution and management of effective, smart commerce solutions.
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Customer Experience

SapientRazorfish's delivery techniques reduce the distance between strategy and execution through iteration, tightly-coupled interdisciplinary collaboration, and design thinking. While the techniques to research, gather and aggregate customer data have never been more robust, the challenge to keep data meaningful, accurate and actionable remains. Conquering the challenge requires a firm grasp of how to enable end-to-end customer experiences that are both engaging and differentiating. Using a phased model, SapientRazorfish integrates emerging trends with your customers’ needs, aspirations and journeys. This work informs touchpoints, offerings, and the underlying organizational capabilities you need to compete through a winning experience.
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Data & Artificial Intelligence

SapientRazorfish is embracing the next age of AI and cognitive technologies with both aggression and caution. They offer virtual assistants, intelligent search, and cognitive strategy, enabling you to transform your technology infrastructure. SapientRazorfish can help you leverage the data that you already have as well as combine it with third-party data to create real results. With over 1,500 data analysts on staff and access to over two petabytes of data monthly, they can deliver truly transformative results through customer insights and media spend optimization.
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Digital Business Strategy

In the myriad of strategic options that lie at the intersection of the business, the customer, and changing technology, SapientRazorfish guides clients in framing and prioritizing opportunities by mutual value to the customer and the business. They think through the most likely leading (innovating) and losing (disrupted) scenarios for our clients, and assess the product, service, experience, digital capability, and organizational opportunities for driving growth and enhancing profits. They then develop layered strategy recommendations that set in motion “start now” immediate wins, frame innovation opportunities for agile product and service design, outline key technology initiatives to drive capability growth, strike partnerships essential to customer insight and capability acceleration, and align the organization around the customer and business performance.
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IT Modernization

At the heart of IT Modernization is enabling the process and technologies that make fast, quality, and agile software development possible. SapientRazorfish's teams have been helping large enterprises make the shift from traditional waterfall development to more agile radically customer-centric software. SapientRazorfish’s long heritage in building web and cloud native technologies enables you to respond to your internal marketing and business customer needs faster than competitors. They do this by harnessing data science and artificial intelligence to help you anticipate buyers’ needs in a seamless and intelligent way. SapientRazorfish has a proven legacy of building intelligent platforms and architectures based on their clients’ existing technology stack with top-tier partners such as SAP, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
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Marketing Transformation

SapientRazorfish helps its clients identify, design, implement, and optimize meaningful programs and engagement platforms throughout the perpetual customer journey. With its customer engagement strategy, it helps you engage with your target customers at just the right moments.
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Nui is a Natural User Intelligence platform that orchestrates the technologies, information and interactions needed to have intelligent conversations across any device, platform or brand touchpoint. Nui Virtual Agents help your customers with all kinds of tasks, from shopping for complex products to finding help and support or just getting the most out of your products and services. Nui’s interface is simple and intuitive. Customers can Speak, Chat and Interact in one seamless experience. Nui enables Live Brand Agents to share content cards while engaging with customers in real time.
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