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Frankfurt, Germany
Company Overview
2VizCon creates software for enterprise apps. 2VizCon enables agencies and companies to create compelling corporate apps with captivating storytelling and on-brand design.
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Products and Services

2VizCon Commerce

2VizCon Commerce is the one-stop software to create easy-to-use, on-brand mobile commerce apps in a short amount of time. The Fortune 500-approved technology delivers apps for all mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and is extremely cost efficient through ensured performance on future versions of operating systems and devices. 2VizCon Commerce enables businesses to use all the revenue potential of commerce without adding complexity to the company’s IT infrastructure. With full API capabilities to CRM, ERP, PIM and other systems, 2VizCon Commerce connects commerce solutions seamlessly to the existing structure of a company. Whether it’s Click & Collect, mobile product configurators, mobile business transactions etc., 2VizCon Commerce delivers a high-quality technology that accommodates and empowers all commerce strategies.
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2VizCon Data

2VizCon Data was developed with customized data structuring in mind. The state-of-the-art software offers a flexible interface that can be adapted to the demands of each individual application. 2VizCon Data enables enterprise applications that centralize dataflow and unite the various strands of information. The application presents pre-selected information in an attractive mobile frontend. Certain features of 2VizCon Data are particularly suited to managing vast amounts of data, because it offers intelligent information architecture for different user types. 2VizCon Data stands out as turnkey solution enabler for any business in any industry.
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2VizCon Event

2VizCon Event enables companies to maximize impact and benefits of digital technology with intriguing on-brand designed apps, while simultaneously achieving an optimum ROI. 2VizCon Event provides high-quality and reliable support for all types of events and all event phases.
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2VizCon MEAP

2VizCon MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) is a Fortune 500-approved software for enterprise apps, especially suited as mobile enterprise application platform. 2VizCon MEAP offers a low-coding environment that enables quick and easy app development.
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2VizCon Retail

2VizCon Retail empowers retail managers to collect and analyze local information by creating outstanding retail apps. 2VizCon Retail-based apps integrate with WiFi, analytics, and beacon technology to analyze customer behavior. Retail managers receive up-to-the-minute reports on customer activity at store level which they can use to customize sales strategies for individual stores. 2VizCon Retail is the game changer retail managers need to turn local data into strategically useful data.
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2VizCon Sales

2VizCon Sales is a Fortune 500-approved software for enterprise apps, especially suited for sales team apps. 2VizCon®Sales empowers both sales managers and sales representatives to optimize sales pitches, maximize impact of information and, ultimately, generate more sales. Sales apps based on 2VizCon deliver intriguing information architecture, compelling user interface design and leave a long lasting impression on customers.
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