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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
ActionIQ is a marketing technology company focused on innovation in customer data management and analysis. The New York company develops solutions for business decision makers without the need to rely on advanced IT or professional analysts. ActionIQ philosophy doesn't equate the ability to code in SQL with the ability to become a marketing data power-user.
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Products and Services


ActionIQ is a scalable, Customer Data Platform for Large Enterprises. ActionIQ is designed to leverage trillions of interactions and allow marketers to talk to their customers in unison across channels, enhancing the efficacy of CRM programs and delivering measurable business results. ActionIQ serves as the smart hub that connects to any data source and any channel while empowering marketers to access, manipulate, and make actionable all their customer data, from audience discovery to cross-channel orchestration and testing—without relying on scarce IT resources at each step.
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