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Adelphic Mobile

Waltham, MA, United States
Company Overview
Adelphic Mobile features a mobile and cross-channel programmatic advertising platform that enables efficient buying and selling of targeted mobile media at scale. AudienceCube allows advertisers to use data to find and define performing audience segments and to optimize campaigns in real-time.
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Adelphic is a cross-device demand side platform (DSP) that provides an enterprise-ready solution for agencies, brands and other large media buyers that want better engagement with mobile consumers. There are three components to Adelphic's platform: Campaign Management Portal, Audience Cube and Predictive Performance Engine. Campaign Management Portal is a self-service tool that allows non-technical users to plan, create, launch and optimize campaigns. AudienceCube is Big Data, programmed to develop custom audience segments and insights, and enables advertisers to to detect well-performing audience segments and to optimize campaigns in real-time. Predictive Performance Engine is an algorithmic learning system for RTB and optimization, designed to utilize AudienceCube's data to find the true indicators of success and deliver superior targeting, optimization and bidding.
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