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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
New York-based AdHawk offers an omnichannel ad management and campaign performance platform designed to aggregate, update and optimize all data in one easy-to-use dashboard. The AdHawk team is on a mission to fix digital advertising with software, rather than with thousands of account managers.
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Products and Services


AdHawk automates and optimizes your ad management across multiple channels. Eliminating the need for spreadsheets, the AdHawk engine analyzes your advertising channels to find trends in the data, alerting you automatically for every found opportunity to improve your account performance. AdHawk eliminates the confusion associated with cross-channel advertising by aggregating all of your data onto one beautiful dashboard that updates in real time.
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AdWords Expanded Text Ads A/B Testing Tool

AdWords Expanded Text Ads A/B Testing Tool is a free tool that can help you to maximize your ROI on AdWords expanded text ads. Create up to 27 variations of your ads in seconds, then sit back and let the data decide the top performer.
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