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Tev Aviv, Israel
Company Overview
Appforma tackles the problem of implementing effective marketing programs within small business budgets. Using their experience in marketing and technology, the Appforma team developed an artificial marketing engine that is now known as the Appforma technology platform. Since then, Appforma has provided efficient, cost-effective, agency-quality marketing to small businesses in a variety of sectors and given them the opportunity to grow and realize their full potential. Appforma strives to make their platform as user-friendly as possible and ensures that all the planning, building, and execution of marketing campaigns is completed for their clients.
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Products and Services


Appforma provides a marketing platform that plans, creates, and executives a professional marketing program with ongoing campaigns and loyalty activities customized for each and every user. Appforma helps clients grow their businesses with new customers, increased loyalty, and sales. The platform works by creating a 12 month marketing program for users that includes 50 campaigns to acquire and engage customers as well as non-stop loyalty activities to nurture leads and retain customers. Appforma implements all aspects of the program, from set-up to execution, targeting to graphics, messaging and more.
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Marketing Function Automation, Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement and Retention