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Boost Media

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Boost Media has built the world’s most sophisticated creative optimization platform enabling brands and their agencies to write, test and report on ad creative. With Boost Media, marketers can source, test and optimize ad creative across search, social, image, and mobile. Boost also provides insights that let marketers pinpoint which creative strategies are working and why. Based in San Francisco, Boost is used by more than 100 leading global brands to drive performance and mindshare.
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Products and Services

Boost Creative Design Platform

Boost Creative Design Platform is an all-in-one workflow tool that enables creative teams to produce high-quality, original and resized ad creative fast.
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Boost Creative Network

Boost Creative Network is a global network comprising a thousand handpicked writers and designers available on-demand, ready to develop and refresh creative concepts for brands.
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Boost Insights+

Boost Insights+ delivers customized insights on ad creative strategies and audience behavior based on machine-learning algorithms and data scientists. Boost’s data scientists and proprietary algorithms will uncover new lexical insights within your ad campaigns, enabling you to dramatically improve their performance and connect more deeply with your audience. With Insights+, Boost can proactively uncover ad fatigue and deliver new ad creative where appropriate, keeping you top of mind with your audience. You can ask any such questions, determine which strategies are working, and quickly uncover new ways to improve your messaging.
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