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Business Insight

Ath, Ath, Belgium
Company Overview
Business Insight provides a suite of products and services for improving Business Intelligence (BI) for companies of all sizes and across all industries.
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Products and Services

Commercial Property Perils Insight Suite

The Commercial Property Perils Insight suite is an innovative, new set of computer data models that predict the relative risk of claims being incurred across the UK for the main insured perils of Arson, Accidental Fire, Theft, Flood, Storm damage, Subsidence, Escape of Water and Extreme Cold Weather. The models are based on extensive research into commercial property risk using the latest hazard and damage information and take into account the changing economic landscape of the UK. The models have been built from highly granular data relevant to each peril as well as detailed vulnerability information relating to the commercial property stock. These have been calibrated using emerging mathematical techniques to produce probabilistic risk estimates by postcode unit and full address level. The Commercial Property Perils Insight models have been tested against external validation samples and have shown a high degree of discrimination between high and low risk areas.
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Location Matters

Location Matters is a geographic risk mapping solution to assist insurers with underwriting, exposure management and risk selection. This combines state of the art risk mapping technology with the best of breed perils and geodemographic data to provide a powerful insight. Property risk in the insurance industry very much depends on a range of factors linked to the physical location. This includes the local environment, the types and construction of buildings, local crime rates, the demographic make-up of the population, physical hazards such as flooding, storm or extreme cold weather - these all need to be considered when assessing each risk.
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Resonate Lifestyle

Resonate Lifestyle is a geodemographic classification of all households and streets across the UK and Northern Ireland. Every neighbourhood has been grouped into a number of similar categories based on a wide range of demographic, environmental, lifestyle and socio economic data. The whole premise underpinning geodemographic segmentations is that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ meaning that people living in similar areas sharing common attributes will have similar wants, needs and desires and exhibit similar behaviour.
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TIMi Suite

The TIMi Suite is an integrated suite of data mining tools. The solution produces reliable predictive analyses and segmentation analyses that gives companies business insight about their B2B or B2C market and advertising campaigns. The TIMi Suite includes Optimail-It, Stardust, Anatella, and TIMi.
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