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Campaign Monitor

Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia
Company Overview
Campaign Monitor specializes in email marketing solutions enabling agencies and advertisers to plan and launch timely, personalized campaigns.
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Products and Services

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a powerful email marketing platform enabling agencies and advertisers to design, send and track effective email campaigns. The platform offers a range of beautiful, responsive email templates with flexible layouts to create unique branded emails.
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Campaign Monitor Insights

Campaign Monitor Insights is a suite of analytics providing every customer with a complete view into the health and performance of their email marketing and automation efforts. Aggregating all of the data about subscriber behavior across every list and segment allows our customers to drill into which channels and regions are bringing in the most engaged consumers, identify the specific segments that are fostering higher, healthier levels of engagement, and modify acquisition spend accordingly to accelerate their ROI.
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Visual Journey Designer

Visual Journey Designer is a companion tool for Campaign Monitor and 3rd party systems. Visual Journey Designer enables marketers to visually set up if/then automated campaigns that let customer actions trigger emails. The platform ensures the right messages are sent at the right time.
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