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Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Company Overview
CheeseCat is a social media management technology company offering a suite of solutions for amplifying brand awareness in the social web. CheeseCat tools serve marketing needs ranging from small PR firms to large digital agencies and global enterprises.
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Products and Services


Catvertiser is a Facebook advertising tool that helps manage all aspects of Facebook campaigns. Using Catvertiser marketers may automate creation, management and reporting of ad campaigns on Facebook. Using the tools in Catvertiser marketers may boost their hottest content automatically using previously defined requirements. Boost only selected types of posts and define advertising strategy to obtain better results. The cost per action (CPA) bidding model will give marketers better ability to reduce costs of Facebook advertising campaigns for Facebook Pages, external websites and mobile apps, paying just for the real effects of campaigns.
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NapoleanCat is a powerful social media management dashboard. The NapoleanCat features include simultaneous posting across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, content preview shareable with teams and clients, and a social inbox for quickly responding to inquiries.
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