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Salem, New Hampshire, United States
Company Overview
The ConnectLeader Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform delivers revenue growth and sales productivity.
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Products and Services

Adaptalytics Data intelligence engine for outbound calling

A predictive intelligence engine that analyzes, prioritizes, and scores prospecting lists ensuring your best leads are contacted first. Adaptilytics self-learns by analyzing more than 5 billion data points and further improves outbound prospecting results by enabling users to customize the prediction algorithm based on a prospects installed technology, intent to buy, contact data and best time to reach.
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ConnectLeader Click Dialer Software

ConnectLeader Click Dialer solves these issues with easy-to-use auto dialing software. Click Dialer is not a standalone phone dialer or power dialer solution, its a sales dialer embedded within, allowing sales agents to place calls without having to manually dial. Our one-click-dialer leverages to improve productivity by allowing the sales agent to view all the relevant sales lead generation information, while simultaneously dialing through call lists.
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ConnectLeader Personal Dialer Software

ConnectLeader Personal Dialer is a cloud-based power dialing solution that will help you to connect with up to 100% more people without forcing you to change your process to suit the software. Personal Dialer enables you to easily upload dialing lists from your CRM system. Once you are ready to dial, advanced features such as our area-based caller-ID feature, improve connect rates by displaying a local caller-ID.
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ConnectLeader Team Dialer Software

ConnectLeader Team Dialer enables salespeople to consistently make over 125 dials and have between 7-10 live conversations per hour, on average. What typically took a day, can now be completed in just 1 hour! Team Dialer is able to deliver these results by seamlessly combining the efforts of our trained human dialing agents with our patented technology to substantially increase call volume and live conversations for your salespeople.
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Data Genie On-Demand Data Enrichment

Data Genie injects data intelligence into your CRM. Adaptilytics uses critical data insights to identify your best leads and sort your calling lists. Data Genie provides a quick and easy way to view and inject that data directly into your CRM system.
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TopRung Sales Gamification

TopRung uses the power of team competition to align, adopt, and accelerate your sales activities and outcomes. Unleash the power of team competitions to drive alignment to corporate metrics, sales process adoption, and accelerate sales conversations, meetings and revenue. TopRung automatically crunches and broadcasts sales metrics and performance data in big screen TVs on the sales floor to improve employee engagement, motivate the sales team, and make selling fun!
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TruCadence is a personalized sales cadence and is designed to help sales reps perform their best by systematically engaging leads across multiple communication modes, including phone, email, and social. Use it to implement your strategy at scale with personalization and increased productivity, unlike any other sales cadence solution on the market.
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