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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Cortexica Vision Systems Ltd. is the leading provider of image and object recognition systems. Through utilizing the latest AI techniques, Cortexica provides unique and personalized solutions to solve various business problems and needs. Whether this is through recognizing multiple products in an image and finding matching or similar items within the client's inventory, or providing advanced video monitoring and object/action detection, Cortexica will work towards finding the right solution.
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Products and Services

Exact Match

Utilizing their Exact Match core technology, Cortexica provides solutions that can be used to reverse image search to find matching products and logos. Analyzing attributes such as pattern and shape, their technology can scan images and videos to find matching items, even if they are rotated or skewed.
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Cortexica's findSimilar core technology brings together years of research and experience in the retail industry. Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques, they provide image search solutions that deliver measurable results to their clients. At the simplest level, their solutions allow customers to search by an image for similar items in a designated product inventory. Used primarily for e-commerce, this can significantly increase conversion rates and basket size by continuously providing relevant results.
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