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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
CrowdTwist is the leader in multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions. Our patented, cloud-based multichannel technology enables clients to reach consumers across multiple channels such as social, email, Web, mobile, and in-store, leading to higher acquisition, engagement, and retention. CrowdTwist programs result in increased store and e-commerce traffic, larger shopping baskets, greater lifetime value, and more satisfied customers. CrowdTwist's loyalty and engagement solution enables clients to do the following: CREATE DEEP, EMOTIONAL CUSTOMER CONNECTIONS CrowdTwist programs enable clients to create meaningful, memorable connections with customers. By engaging customers across their most relevant channels with a set of tailored activities and rewards, clients can make a meaningful impact. The result is a deeper, emotional connection while remaining top of mind throughout the customer journey. INCREASE MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS AND REVENUE IMPACT CrowdTwist helps clients increase their marketing effectiveness and revenue impact. Through multichannel engagement, clients amplify their marketing investments by increasing the opportunities for consumer response. Additionally, clients that use CrowdTwist have proven increases in average order value and total spend per member. GAIN A 360-DEGREE VIEW OF THE CUSTOMER By running a CrowdTwist program, clients collect unique, first-party consumer data that can be customized to their specific needs. Since all data is 100 percent opted-in, clients gain a wealth of reliable, accurate information that helps them paint a complete picture of each of their customers. RECEIVE GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT FROM A TEAM OF EXPERTS As experts in the loyalty and engagement business, CrowdTwist knows what it takes to succeed, and our job is to help our clients achieve exceptional results. Therefore, we offer support throughout the client engagement from implementing the program to optimizing it to ensure its continued success.
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CrowdTwist is a cloud-based multichannel loyalty and engagement platform. Using CrowdTwist's platform, clients are able to reach and engage customers across Web, social, mobile, email, in-store, etc. using a tailored set of activities and benefits/rewards. The platform not only powers the loyalty and engagement program, but also enables clients to manage their activities and rewards, view member data, and gain data-driven insights to understand their customer segments.
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CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement App

CrowdTwist's Loyalty Platform captures rich customer profile data across all channels of customer engagement, including: purchase, digital, social and mobile engagement. We’ve built a real-time data feed to create more personalized communications with the Oracle Responsys Platform.
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