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Ignite Techonologies

Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Ignite Technologies helps their enterprise customers perform better through the deployment of best-in-class business software applications across a range of functional domains.
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Products and Services

Acorn Performance Analyzer

Ignite’s Acorn Performance Analyzer (PA) is a focused profitability and cost management solution that helps you effectively measure, manage and improve any element of your business. PA combines process modeling, data integration, calculation engine and reporting into a complete solution for guiding a more profitable business.
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Acorn Shared Services Manager

Ignite’s Acorn Shared Services Manager (SSM) is a web-based solution that simplifies and manages your shared services cost allocations. It is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution that handles your modeling, data collection and reporting needs. It elegantly manages complex organizations and organizational structures and produces accurate results in a timely fashion.
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Ignite’s Chute solution helps brands tell better stories by identifying powerful user-generated content with automated workflows and image recognition. The platform offers a holistic approach to authentic storytelling - enabling marketers to discover and attain rights to traveler photos and videos via hashtag, user handle, and geolocation. Chute’s visual recognition service IRIS filters further to pinpoint ideal visuals to publish across all marketing channels. Chute’s insight engine then provides performance analysis to measure the engagement of each asset. Through use of the AI-driven solution, Chute’s enterprise customers experience deeper consumer engagement, larger shopping carts, higher click-thru rates, increased time on web, and lower media costs.
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ETI Solution

Ignite’s ETI tool enables high-performance queries and customized data transformation for almost all standard platforms. It’s fast, flexible and secure.
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Ignite's FirstRain SaaS-based analytics solution, monitors internal and external business conditions and detects trends, using information extraction, filtering, analysis, and personalized delivery technologies to help clients stay on top of their own businesses and the markets in which they operate. With FirstRain, it’s easy to deliver just-in-time analytics and sales and marketing intelligence, designed to ensure you're in the know, increase customer engagement and grow revenue.
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Gensym G2

Gensym G2 applies real-time rule technology for decisions that optimize operations and that detect, diagnose, and resolve costly problems. With G2, the world’s largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance, and government maximize the agility of their businesses and achieve greater levels of performance.
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Ignite's Infer solutions deliver a predictive-first platform that helps companies win more customers. It leverages proven data science to rapidly identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and personalize outreach at scale—often resulting in significantly increased conversion rates on inbound and outbound campaigns.
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Infobright DB

Ignite’s Infobright DB powers applications to perform interactive, complex queries resulting in better, faster business decisions. It is a high performance, scalable solution for storing and analyzing large volumes of machine-generated data at a lower cost and significantly less administrative effort than other database solutions.
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NuView Human Capital Management Suite

The NuView Human Capital Management Suite addresses all major HR disciplines including Core HR, Talent Management, and Payroll – all connected with Self-Service portals for employees, managers and job candidates.
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Ignite’s ObjectStore Standard Edition is an object-oriented database management system for applications that demand reliable, transactional, object persistence and real-time data caching. It is the leading in-memory database for applications that demand high-performance, extreme scalability and real time responsiveness.
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Ignite’s Placeable solutions enable enterprise brands to drive online and offline revenue through location data management, local marketing and digital advertising. Use Placeable to transform your location data into revenue.
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Ignite’s ScaleArc solution keeps applications working properly and functioning despite interruptions and switchovers at the data tier. And because of the deep integration with Microsoft SQL Server™ AlwaysOn technology and MySQL™ automatic failover, it maintains continuous availability for applications despite database failover and delivers high performance.
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SenSage AP

Ignite’s SenSage AP is a powerful Event Data Warehouse (EDW) that enables advanced data analysis, detailed forensics and ad hoc investigations on a wide variety of data formats at very large scale. The only EDW designed specifically for event data, it collects and stores more data, from more sources, over longer periods of time – years or even decades – so that you can conduct faster, more sophisticated analytics.
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Trilogy SalesBUILDER

Ignite’s Trilogy SalesBUILDER provides unprecedented configuration software to give build-to-order and engineer-to-order businesses a competitive edge, setting the standard for configuration capability that no other software solution can approach. SalesBUILDER helps companies with dynamic, configuration intensive business models turn the complexity of their business into a competitive advantage by configuring their most complex products and solutions quickly and efficiently.
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Versata BRMS

Versata BRMS transforms the way web-based applications are constructed and maintained— helping you keep pace with the rapid speed of business. Versata BRMS has helped hundreds of organizations deploy a wide range of enterprise and e-business applications.
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