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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Company Overview
Mobilion Labs focuses on creating products and solutions for your sales team across the sales life cycle so that they can deliver maximum results.
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Products and Services


KOLs or Key Opinion Leaders are the influencers who play a significant role in influencing the perception and opinion of your key stakeholders. They play increasingly important roles in the understanding of R&D trends, conducting clinical trials, building product awareness (both pre- and post-launch), aiding decisions surrounding product acceptance and educating and informing patients. KOLPrompt is a highly customizable KOL management solution which helps to manage KOL relationships effectively.
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SalesPrompt is an app with interactive product brochures which includes videos, images, latest product details and competitor information. Orders can also be created and managed through the app.
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SalesWinnr delivers engaging short quizzes that help to reinforce learning while engaging users in competitive gameplay.
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SmartWinnr is a product knowledge tool that pushes quizzes out to executives and sales teams, enhancing their performance by gamifying sales KPIs. Out-of-the-box users can quickly set up quizzes that leverage AI tools to help coach teams that need help retaining product information, that need compliance updates, or information about company policies and procedures. Executives with limited time can take quizzes and read feeds with just a few clicks on their smartphones.
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