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Are You Helping Your Clients Build

Their Marketing Stacks?

Are You Helping Your Clients Build

Their Marketing Stacks?

CabinetM will turn your agency into a marketing technology powerhouse with our simple-to-use Agency Cabinet.

Create a Unique Workspace for Each Client

  • Use My Stacks to audit, plan and manage your clients' marketing technology stacks
  • Leverage My Drawers to recommend new products
  • Create an agency/client team structure that is unique to each client environment
  • Embed yourself in your client's workflow

Centralize and Manage Agency Knowledge and Experience

  • Track internal technology proficiency with SkillStacksTM
  • Maintain a database of approved products

Are You Considering Offering Stack Services?

Are your clients asking for help with their stack strategy and technology selection?

We can help you structure and launch a Stack Service offering and teach your team how to audit, evolve and manage client stacks.

Showcase Your Services

  • Claim or create your basic profile. Signup, fill in your company info and then build out your service profiles at your convenience through your admin dashboard
  • Schedule a 15 minute briefing with CabinetM to help us understand your services so that we can make better recommendations when marketers call us
  • Contribute to our blog