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CabinetM Helps Marketers Discover Digital Marketing Technology for Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention

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Platform offers instant access to over 3,500 MarTech tools, helping marketers find the right digital tools for any marketing program

BOSTON-- (November 4, 2015)— CabinetM announced today that it has launched the world’s largest and most in-depth platform to help marketers find the best digital tools for any marketing campaign, program or engagement effort. With over 3,500 product profiles indexed across more than 400 categories, marketers can quickly navigate the increasingly complex marketing technology landscape, spending less time searching for digital tools and more time optimizing their marketing programs.

In a corporate environment where, according to a survey by CEB, “57 percent of the sales process happens before a sales person touches a prospect,” building and leveraging the right digital marketing stack is critical for all customer-facing activities and engagement. “The digital world has changed marketing’s role, making it directly responsible for the entire customer lifecycle, from leads through acquisition, to engagement and retention,” said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM. “In today’s business environment, a state-of-the-art digital marketing stack is the only way to achieve the reach, scale and economics needed to meet revenue growth and profitability objectives. CabinetM is a lifeline for marketers who are constantly on the hunt for new tools to better engage with prospects and customers.”

CabinetM enables marketing subscribers to quickly identify tools to explore and qualify by navigating the indexed tool library, compare tools side by side and save the information they find for future reference. Marketers can also help peers by sharing their tool selection and reviewing the products they use. CMOs will find it easier to stay on top of new technology trends and manage the overall digital landscape within their organizations since CabinetM makes it easy to track what teams are evaluating and using.

"In today's highly competitive marketplace, CMOs need to ensure that their teams have the right tools, that they are using them effectively and that they aren't being used in a silo," said Laura Ramos, Forrester vice president, principal analyst serving B2B Marketing Professionals. "This is critical for operational efficiency but also so they don't waste time duplicating efforts and lose sight of the real goal for using tools - to win in the marketplace."

By claiming a profile on CabinetM, marketing technology companies can showcase their product value, invite customers to contribute reviews and connect with prospects in a warm, contextual environment. “Marketers today are overwhelmed by e-mail and phone solicitations from vendors, making it almost impossible to leverage the tremendous expertise these vendors offer,” said Sheryl Schultz, president of CabinetM. “Our goal is to allow them to identify the 3-5 companies in any product category that are most relevant to their needs, and provide a simple way for them to connect with the vendors they believe can best support their marketing programs.”

CabinetM has launched its beta platform. A basic subscription is free to both marketing professionals and marketing technology companies.

About CabinetM

CabinetM was founded by two marketing industry veterans that identified a disconnect between the way MarTech companies promote and sell their products and how marketing professionals acquire information and purchase marketing tools. Putting their combined experience to work, they created CabinetM to enable discovery, workflow and extended networks for the marketing industry. For more information, please visit


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