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Milestone: More than 7,000 MarTech products listed in CabinetM directory

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CabinetM has industry's largest directory of MarTech, AdTech, sales products


The database covers martech, sales tech, adtech and other marketing related products, catalogued across 300 categories


BOSTON, Mass., June 21, 2017 -- CabinetM, the discovery and management platform for marketing technology strategy and digital transformation, today announced it has exceeded 7,000 products in its industry-leading technology database.  Comprised of products in marketing technology, sales tech and adtech, CabinetM’s database has catalogued products in more than 300 categories, allowing marketers and those who utilize marketing technology in their roles, to easily find the products they need.

CabinetM helps marketing teams track and manage their marketing technology and provides a collaborative environment to drive technology strategies to support revenue and digital transformation objectives.  As teams identify gaps in their stacks, and requirements for new products, the CabinetM product database makes it easy to search for new products, compare products, and share product and company information.

“By leveraging the products in our database, marketers have already built over 400 marketing stacks on CabinetM, and we are obtaining some interesting insights from the data,” said Anita Brearton, CabinetM CEO. “For example, though there is a great deal of commonality in core anchor platforms, including CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, stacks are far more heterogeneous than homogenous; in many ways marketing technology stacks are very much like snowflakes.”

CabinetM is adding between 10 and 20 products each week, as marketers share the names of the products they are trying to add to their stacks, that aren’t yet in the database.  


Other CabinetM Insights

As CabinetM continues to collect stack data, the company will be publishing insights about products being used, being using in conjunction with others, and other useful information it derives from the data.  

For example:


About CabinetM

Founded in 2014, CabinetM helps modern marketing teams map their technology strategy, find the tools they need and manage the technology they have. The CabinetM platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool strategy, discovery, qualification, implementation and management, providing critical visibility to support a coordinated, cost effective and efficient technology plan. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive database of over 7,000 marketing and marketing related tools, and currently has the largest set of marketing stack data as a result of hundreds of marketing stacks built on the platform. For additional information:; @cabinetm1

About CabinetM

CabinetM was founded by two marketing industry veterans that identified a disconnect between the way MarTech companies promote and sell their products and how marketing professionals acquire information and purchase marketing tools. Putting their combined experience to work, they created CabinetM to enable discovery, workflow and extended networks for the marketing industry. For more information, please visit


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