Demand Side Platform (DSP), Video

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Using a Demand Side Platform (DSP)  advertisers buy and manage all of their various advertising through one central interface for video. The DSP automatically bids on ad impressions from an Ad Exchange. DSPs for video integrate also with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Ad Exchanges.

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BidTheatre is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that allows you to target and understand your digital audiences with banner & video campaigns, across all devices.
Delta Projects platform (DSP + DMP + Ad Server + Big Data) is a full-service display, video and mobile advertising trading station from which media buyers can plan, purchase and track advertising in real-time. By utilizing big data and machine learni...
Tremor Video DSP is the leading programmatic video platform built for storytelling, matching advertisers with their desired audiences—wherever they may be. Through custom video experiences delivered across all screens including mobile, tablet, and Co...
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