Campaign and Interaction Management

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Campaign and Interaction Management tools support the pricing and revenue needs of comapnies working across multiple channels, whlle focusing on customer experience. Tools in this category include Lead-To-Revenue Management and Offer Optimizaton tools. 

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By [24]7
The [24]7 Personalization solution uses the power of big data and machine learning to deliver highly personalized content and creative across multiple devices and channels. Analyze more clicks, create unique personas, and pinpoint consumer intent for...
ActiveDEMAND is a fully integrated, web-based marketing automation platform for small to medium sized businesses. Packed with features for streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting, ActiveDEMAND enables even a sole p...
By Adapti is a personalization tool giving websites the ability to personalize according to every single visitor. It customizes web pages in real-time (content, design, ergonomics, etc.) to match each users’ tastes, interests, personality, physical a...
By Adobe
Adobe Campaign enables marketers to personalize and deliver campaigns across all online and offline channels. Available stand-alone, or as part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
AdStage is a marketing automation and ad campaign management platform that enables marketers to build, manage and optimize online campaigns easily and efficiently. Create automated rules for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Li...
By Adtaxi
Adtaxi is a campaign management tool that automates campaign planning and optimization, leveraging powerful, customer valuation bidding strategies combined with our proprietary Quantum platform to reverse engineer how to drive consumer traffic to you...
Agendize is a customer engagement platfrom that seeks to boost visitor and client experiences through the use of live chat, self-bookable appointments, and online support for questions or problem-solving.
By Appier
AIQUA is a personalization platform designed for marketing teams that aspire for intelligent engagement. AIQUA uses ai to offer an automated content marketing platform aimed at delivering personalized messages across multiple channels. Engage across ...
By Airim
Airim is a platform for mangaging real-time interactions with customers. Machine-Learning tools allow marketers to learn what customers are seeking, and prompt the customer to take action if there has been no action taken.
By Almond
Almond is a brand loyalty tool. Almond digitizes fast-moving consumer goods by attaching a virtual product to a physical product via printed codes. The consumer scanning the unique hidden codes printed directly onto product packaging may use the Almo...
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