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The CDP Institute defines a Customer Data Platform “as a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems." 

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Cortex is a customer data platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to achieve personalized one-to-one retention marketing. Cortex uses data to identify and track changes in customer behavior, predicting the best actions and then automatically send...
By InteQ
Inte Q’s Genesis platform is a flexible, powerful tool that enables you to utilize your customer data in insightful new ways. The platform uses advanced data science and AI-enhanced machine learning technology to deliver constantly-evolving customer ...
Intent HQ is a customer data platform that turns raw customer data into AI-powered customer intelligence. Intent HQ will accept any feed, in any structure, then organize it into a customer profile with individual habits, interests and motivations.
Mindbox is an integrated marketing cloud featuring a customer data platform, multi-channel campaigns, loyalty and promotions, and personalization.
PRDCT is a Customer Data Platform that allows you to identify customers across all channels, create 360 customer profiles for reporting, analysis, and to increase conversion.
Synthio's product suite offers enterprise-grade functionality in a customer data platform that easily integrates with other marketing tools. Cleanse and enrich existing contact data, gain net-new targeted contacts, and search from over 140M global ...
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