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Enterprise Social Listening platforms inform the entire enterprise, with  brand monitoring, analytics and insights that can be used across the enterprise. Tools in this group include analytics, dashboards for social media data, and distribution programs. 

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By Eckoh
K2C Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry across all Major Social Networks – including millions of News sites, blogs and forums in over 160 languages In all countries and in real time.
Limerick empowers brands to identify, in real time, emerging consumer trends, preferences, and opinions. It leverages unstructured data, advanced machine intelligence and managerial acumen in an integrated platform to provide a seamless social media ...
Radian6, formerly a stand-alone social listenting platform, is now part of the Salesforce Social Studio. Build more meaningful relationships with customers by tapping into the power of social media in your marketing, customer service, and sales organ...
With Sprinklr Social Listening, you can tap into the world’s largest focus group, including over 300 billion historical conversations. See the volume, context, and sentiment of online conversations – both historical and real time – and use that infor...
Sprinklr is a complete social media content suite for the enterprise powered by social listening. Sprinklr helps the world’s largest brands do marketing, advertising, care, sales, research, and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 21 other ch...
With Sprinklr Visual Insights, you can expand your social listening program to include images. The technology allows you to automatically scan billions of photos for logos, brand names, and other unstructured brand-related content, and highlights att...
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