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The CDP Institute defines a Customer Data Platform “as a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems." This category includes CDPs that are specifically targeted to businesses marketing to other businesses. 

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BlueVenn is a Customer Data Platform that enables you to create and execute flawless cross-sell and up-sell campaigns to increase customer lifetime value. Through the combination of a Single Customer View, analytics and customer journey automation, t...
CaliberMind is an integrated customer database managed by marketing/ sales that unifies a company’s customer data from marketing, sales and service channels to enable customer modeling and drive acquisition, retention, up-sell and cross-sell. Unli...
Leadspace is a customer data platform for B2B marketers that provides all the insights they need to create effective campaigns and reach their customers, on a single platform. Leadspace gives B2B Sales and Marketing teams a single, complete source of...
Xplorer is our exclusively originated offline deterministic B2B Firmographic and Technographic business file. We have contact level data on employees at over 33 Million businesses and 95 million professionals.
Zylotech is a self-learning customer data platform that keeps your customer data live and enriched for 1:1 personalization, cross/up-selling and retention marketing. Powered by automated machine learning, the platform continuously unifies data, and e...
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