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CRMs enable enterprises to track and communicate with contacts, clients, and sales leads on a single platform. 

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C3 CRM™ is a real-time predictive customer relationship management (CRM) application that leverages real-time machine learning and AI to generate recommendations that drive operational excellence and profitability across sales, marketing, and custome...
ConvergeHub is a cloud-based CRM application that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to manage Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Collaboration activities from one source point.
eSputnik is a CRM that enables marketers to collect customer data, segment that data by customer actions and demographics, and message those customers via email, SMS, viber and web-based push notifications.
JobNimbus is a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software, all wrapped into one. JobNimbus is the easiest way to manage projects, contacts, and tasks. With detailed reporting and employee management tools, JobNimbus...
  Compare's Revenue Intelligence System (RIS) automates the capture of all contact and customer activity data, dynamically updates your CRM and provides actionable intelligence across your CRM, collaboration, business intelligence, and other manageme...
SutiCRM provides suitable optimization techniques to engage and serve existing and prospective customers. The solution manages B2B and B2C relationships by tracking contacts, clients, and sales leads on a single platform. SutiCRM also incorporates he...
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Tab inStore is a tablet management solution, including fleet monitoring, content update over-the-air, wifi management and MDM. The leading retail and restaurant chains use Tab inStore for their tablet roll-outs.
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