Human Resources

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Tools in this category automate the process of recruiting and hiring talent. Tools in this category may support the marketing department, or be used across the enterprise.

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Digital Assistant is a personal, digital assistant that proactively sends actionable Cards about relevant changes and upcoming events, understands voice commands, and offers an enterprise-wide search. It automatically connects with existing business ...
groundIT is a simplified field force management software, which helps the Managers interact closely with the workforce and thereby track the status of the tasks Assigned. Also, you can monitor, implement and evaluate tasks of your team members in acc...
You can build your database from scratch, import data from pre-existing sources like spreadsheets or Google Sheets, or choose from over 75+ pre-built templates across multiple categories Configure basic column types like text, number, date/time, c...
Submittable is a tool to help companies accept, review, and manage any type of application or submission.
WizeHive's Zengine is your all-in-one solution to simplify the often complicated management of application-based processes. Effortlessly manage incoming applications, all collected data, scoring, awards, reports, and share status and outcomes through...
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