Take a Break From the Marketing Action to Think About Strategy

One of the benefits — and pitfalls — of digital marketing technology today is that it allows marketers to take action quickly.

The allure of speed and the false sense of accomplishment rapid activity gives leads some marketers to push forward without having a strategy in place first.

So it's good to take a step back from the marketing technology from time to time and review the fundamentals of a successful marketing program.

Anita Brearton: Take a Break From the Marketing Action to Think About Strategy

The Elements of a Strategic Marketing Program

Marketing in a startup is challenging. 

You start with no brand awareness, no resources and little to no budget. In some cases, your startup is breaking new ground and faced with trying to establish a new market or product category. 

Too many startups fail to have a strategic plan. As a result, the marketing plan quickly devolves to nothing more than a tactical lead-gen plan with marketers bombarding prospects with email and phone calls and chasing them around the web with ad retargeting — none of which is tailored to the prospect’s persona or needs.

Anita Brearton: The Elements of a Strategic Marketing Program

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As MarTech is such a huge growth area with plenty of opportunities for brands to help others improve their marketing efforts and drive efficiency through technology, we were very interested in seeing which social influencers and brands were leading the MarTech discussion. Find CabinetM at the center.

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Marketing is on the frontlines of revenue generation and fills a mission critical role in virtually every organization. Living in a chaotic and rapidly evolving environment is both challenging and energizing — and can be extremely stressful.

But in my conversations over the last two years with CMOs, marketing technologists and agency personnel from organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries I can tell you one thing — no one has it all figured out.

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