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Show Off Your Marketing Tech Skills

CabinetM, the Boston-based start-up which launched last November, just announced SkillStacks, a new tool which will allow digital marketers to display their technological proficiency in the clearest way: by sharing their own marketing stack in their resumes, and on LinkedIn.

Martech skills platform launched for job seeking marketers

With increasingly martech instruments thrown into the combination seemingly each week, there’s a rising want for entrepreneurs – particularly when in search of new roles – to showcase their abilities.  One firm that’s attempting to unravel this downside is startup CabinetM. 



SkillStacks gives marketers a new way to share tech expertise

Marketers now have the ability to build a comprehensive view of the tech solutions that they are fluent in, annotated with the ways in which (and how well) they use it.  The end result is a graphic representation of a marketer's tech skills, with stack solution icons that click through to CabinetM product profiles that make it simple for viewers to learn more about unfamiliar tools.

The Magical, Terrible World of MarTech Acquisition, by Anita Brearton

It has never been easier to quickly test new marketing technology products in the pursuit of revenue growth, customer lifetime value and reduced cost of customer acquisition, however, without oversight, messy, costly and painful things can happen within an organization.


The Magical, Terrible World of MarTech Acquisition