CabinetM Unveils MyStacks: Platform Dedicated to Marketing Technology Stack

 CabinetM, the MarTech marketplace and collaboration network, today introduced MyStacks, a robust platform that lets marketers and agencies create, share and collaborate around marketing technology stacks.    

"Marketers are blessed with an incredible diversity of marketing software products that they can mix and match into a unique marketing stack that is tailored to the requirements of their business and brand,” said Scott Brinker, Editor of and program chair of the MarTech conference, “With services such as CabinetM, it's becoming easier to design and manage these multi-vendor solutions effectively and efficiently."

Build your own MyStacks

Boston-based start-up CabinetM today announced the launch of MyStacks, a free, interactive drag-and-drop tool to configure and fully visualize the entire marketing technology stack, drawing on a database of more than 4,500 martech solutions assigned to hundreds of categories.

CabinetM Tries to Harness the Marketing Stack

Boston-based CabinetM, which connects marketers to marketing technology, just introduced MyStacks to help marketers and agencies create, share and collaborate around marketing technology stacks.

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Anita Brearton and Sheryl Schultz—known, among other things, for together heading up the Boston chapter of angel group Golden Seeds from 2009-2011—have now teamed up again, in a bid to make the marketing tech universe less overwhelming. Their Boston startup is CabinetM, which just launched a site for discovering new marketing software and quickly digesting what you need to know.

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