Build Your Company Marketing Stack

  • Track and manage:
    • Approved tools
    • Tools being used and tested
    • Discarded tools
  • Identify gaps in your stack and find new tools
  • Discover opportunities for performance improvement
  • Collaborate with peers to optimize your stack

Build Your Stack



Build your Personal SkillStack™


  • Showcase your marketing technology skills
  • Share your stack in your resume, website, and on your LinkedIn and Twitter

Marketing managers

  • Ask your team members to share their stacks to benchmark your organization's digital marketing technology proficiency

Recruiters and employers

  • Ask marketers to share their stack with you to quickly narrow down a list of candidates

Build Your Stack

Find the Technology That Belongs in Your Stack

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Marketing Technology Companies

Be included whenever someone evaluates products in your category

  • Showcase your products and capabilities in the world’s largest marketing tool database
  • Engage with thousands of marketers who are looking for exactly what you’re offering
  • Activate your “Contact Vendor” button to make it easy for prospects to reach you Marketing Technology Landscape

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