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Use CabinetM to document, audit, rationalize, visualize, and report on your technology infrastructure, expense, and strategy. Save time, money, and improve technology performance.

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Purpose-built for operations teams, CabinetM helps you create a complete picture of your technology stack so that you have:
All the information you need to rationalize and optimize your technology stack and strategy.
An easy way to find and evaluate the new tools you need.
The ability to quickly produce the reports that your CMO and others need, to understand what technology is in place and why.
The foundation and detailed information to map a strategy to leverage AI.

You'll Be In Good Company When You Manage Your MarTech Stack On CabinetM

A single unified view of your marketing technology

  • Create a single source-of-truth for all your technology
  • Build stacks to show products in use, in test, and being retired
  • Collaborate on technology strategy and roadmap across your organization
  • Get everyone on the same page

Visualize and report on your data flows and integrations

  • A complete set of tools for collaborating around the design and implementation of your technology architecture.
  • Stack Architecture Diagrams: Create a detailed data flow visualization in minutes with 15,000+ product logos at your fingertips
  • Stack Maps: Manage current product integrations and data flows, and plan for future changes
  • Data Maps: Generate a complete data dictionary library by mapping integration details down to the field level

Organize and manage your vendors, contracts and implementation details

  • Track product details and regulatory compliance
  • Manage licenses, contracts, and auto-renewal dates
  • Document critical vendor information
  • Eliminate unwanted surprises

Continually evolve your stack

  • Manage function, spend, performance, and utilization
  • Identify technology gaps and redundant products
  • Collaborate to optimize stacks for performance and spend
  • Improve your ROI

Align your organization's skills

  • Map skills by individual or team, expose gaps and training needs
  • Identify internal experts
  • Assess and align skills against your company technology stack
  • Realize the power of people + technology

Find the right tools

  • Browse industry's largest marketing technology database, over 15,000 products across 500+ categories
  • Save, compare & share the tools you discover
  • Access real technology adoption data to narrow your product selections.
  • Stay on top of the latest innovations in MarTech.

Ready to take control but don't have the time to document your stack?

Outsource your stack documentation to us. Give us your spreadsheets and scraps of paper and we’ll do the rest

Once your stack is fully documented we can either continue on as your cost-effective virtual documentation team or hand over responsibility to you.

Need more help? Our certified consulting partners can help you:

  • Rationalize your existing stacks
  • Create a technology strategy to achieve your business and marketing objectives
  • Identify and implement the technology you need
  • Provide ongoing management and drive the evolution of your stacks

Access Technology Trends and Insights

CabinetM aggregates and anonymizes technology adoption data from the stacks managed on the platform to help you with technology selection. Here are some of the most popular products that surround the anchor platforms you use:

Did you know?
  • Enterprise organizations typically use 75 to 250 tools at any given time to acquire, engage, and retain customers
  • Google Analytics appears in almost every stack
  • It’s not unusual for companies to be using more than one type of marketing automation platform
  • Every stack is unique – the longtail of products is very long…
Do you know what's in your stack?

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Attack Your Stack

A practical guide for building and managing your marketing technology stack.

All the information you need to efficiently build, manage, and optimize your stack.

Merge Your Stacks

A practical guide for rationalizing your technology stacks post M&A.

Efficiently merge technology stacks, reduce technology expenses, and optimize marketing technology performance.

Audit Your Stack

A "how to" guide for auditing your tech stack.

Conducting regular stack audits is essential to ensuring that you have the right technology in place and that it is being fully utilized and delivering a return on investment. This e-book walks you through the stack auditing process step-by-step.

Document Your Stacks

Best practices for documenting your stack.

Keeping track of your tech can feel overwhelming. Follow these best practices, and your tech stack will be organized, your product integrations will be mapped and concise, and your team will all be on the same page.

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