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Need Help Documenting Your Stack?

Give us Your Spreadsheets and We'll Do the Rest

Need Help Documenting Your Stack?

Give us Your Spreadsheets and

If your marketing operations department is like most, you are understaffed and dealing with an endless to do list of to-dos while juggling day-to-day “emergencies.” You know that having a well-documented stack is essential to making the right decisions about product strategy while managing product performance and spend, but allocating time to document your stack can be difficult if not impossible. That’s where the CabinetM team comes in!

How We Approach Documenting Your Stack

We’ll build your stack framework inside CabinetM, and document the details of the products in your stack. Just send us your spreadsheets, scraps of paper, connect us with your team members, or record your details using and we’ll take it from there.

The Process

  • Complete a brief project questionnaire to provide us with an outline of your requirements or schedule a call with us to discuss your needs
  • CabinetM will provide a proposal and Statement of Work (SOW) and signed non-disclosure agreement
  • Participate in an introductory meeting to:
    • Confirm your desired stack framework and structure
    • Confirm the breadth, depth, and customization of information required
    • Identify stakeholders to frame interview needs
  • CabinetM will provide a proposal and Statement of Work (SOW) and signed non-disclosure agreement
  • The project will commence with the issue of a purchase order. CabinetM will establish a dedicated CabinetM account for you for the duration of the project. You'll be invited into the account to view and, if desired, collaborate on the work being done
  • Prior to project completion, a project review meeting will be held to define any additional requirements
  • Project handover

All work will be done inside your own dedicated CabinetM account. You will have the option to sign in to the account at any time to review progress.
Standard deliverables:

  • Visual representation of your stack with links to product profiles
  • Stack Map showing integrations between products
  • Product details in the form of stack annotations and/or contract records
  • Consolidated stack reports in the event of more than one stack

At the end of the project, CabinetM will provide a quote for continued use of the platform. Note: if you choose not to continue to use CabinetM all deliverables can be easily exported.

Cost: We generally charge on an hourly basis but will consider a project fee if preferred.

If you have any questions please reach out.

Need Even More Help?

Beyond Your Documentation Project
At the conclusion of the project, we recommend that you roll into an annual CabinetM subscription which will make it easy to maintain your stack documentation, manage technology expenses, create internal reports, and respond quickly to technology-related requests. We have a range of subscription options to support different environments and requirements.

If you need strategic advice about how to evolve your stack or help with product recommendations, we have relationships with a number of expert marketing technology consultancies and would be more than happy to make introductions

We are here to help!

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