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Top Drawer Audit Services

Top Drawer Technology Audit Services

Let Us Help You Get Your Arms Around the Technology
You are Using, Testing and Retiring

Marketing technology is now being purchased across the organization, and by many individuals, in the pursuit of Digital Transformation and a unified customer experience. The amount of technology in use and being considered is growing exponentially.

With more than 8,000 marketing technology products available today, many of which can be purchased with the simple swipe of a credit card, it has become increasingly difficult to track and manage all the tools in use across the organization and coordinate efforts to develop a unified marketing technology strategy.

That’s where we come in! If you are moving at a rocket ship pace like most organizations, and are under resourced, we can help.

The CabinetM Top Drawer team can:

  • Audit your current technology use
  • Establish a workable framework to map and manage your technology on an ongoing basis
  • Help you find the products and specialists you need to execute and measure your plan

Make us a part of your team.