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CabinetM for the Enterprise

The Enterprise Cabinet

A Covid-19 Update

No one has a clear vision of what lies ahead but we do know that economic uncertainty leads to directives to reduce or optimize marketing spend. In our current environment, we are also being asked to reallocate budget to digital programs and transformation efforts. It’s an enormous challenge to rethink strategy and reduce expenses at the same time, and doubly difficult for those of us trying to juggle current job responsibilities, and manage remote teams.

With a goal of being good marketing citizens, CabinetM is offering FREE ACCESS to our Enterprise Cabinet for 60 days so that you can get your hands around all the technology being used in marketing and sales, and to assess how well your team’s technical skills align with your technology strategy.

We make it easy for teams to work together remotely, but if you need additional help, we’ll guide you through the process. At the end of the Free Access period, we’d be excited to have you as a customer, but if that doesn’t make sense, you’ll be able to export all the work that you’ve done and will be in great shape for whatever lies ahead. .

ManageTechnology Spend, Utilization, Performance, Skills, and Strategy

The CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet provides all the tools you need to manage and report on the technology you use and are evaluating.

With the Enterprise Cabinet you can:

Pricing for the Enterprise Cabinet is calculated on an annual basis and is determined by the number of products you are managing and the number of CabinetM account admins you assign.

Reduce Technology Spend and Optimize Performance

Use our drag-and-drop technology stack configurator to:

  • Track acquired and internally developed technology
  • Document technology function, spend, and performance
  • Establish metrics for product performance
  • Detail product integration information and data flows
  • Provide links to training information
  • Showcase campaigns driven by the technology you are using
  • Document contract and implementation details for the products in your stack, set auto-renewal reminders, track compliance, security, and vendor information
  • Share details about the technology you use across the organization

Align your Technology Proficiency with your Technology Investment

Map and manage your organization's technology proficiency to ensure full utilization of your current technology and identify the skills you need to support your technology strategy.
  • Identify potential exposure due to limited technology coverage
  • Quickly identify your internal experts
Create a foundation for future success.
  • Ensure internal skills are aligned with strategy
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Normalize job descriptions with technology qualifications

Manage Your Technology Evaluation Process

Find the technology you need.

  • Browse 500+ categories and more than 14,000 products
  • Access aggregated data to see what others like you are using
  • Compare products side by side
  • Save evaluation notes, links to RFPs, and vendor information
  • Work alone or in teams to discover and qualify new products

A Note About Pricing

Pricing for the Enterprise Cabinet is based on number of teams and products under management. Contact us for a quote.