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Advance Your MarTech Consulting Practice
with CabinetM

A Covid-19 Update

No one has a clear vision of what lies ahead but we do know that economic uncertainty leads to directives to reduce or optimize marketing spend. In our current environment, we are also being asked to reallocate budget to digital programs and transformation efforts. It’s an enormous challenge to rethink strategy and reduce expenses at the same time, and doubly difficult for those of us trying to juggle current job responsibilities, and manage remote teams.

With a goal of being good marketing citizens, CabinetM is offering FREE ACCESS to our Enterprise Cabinet for 60 days so that you can help your clients get their hands around all the technology being used in marketing and sales, and to assess how well their team’s technical skills align with their technology strategy.

We make it easy for teams to work together remotely, but if you need additional help, we’ll guide you through the process. At the end of the Free Access period, we’d be excited to have your clients as customers, but if that doesn’t make sense, you’ll be able to export all the work that you’ve done and they will be in great shape for whatever lies ahead.

CabinetM partners with consultants and marketing agencies that deliver stack strategy, implementation, and management services.

It's Time to Partner with CabinetM

CabinetM’s Consulting Partnership Program is for consultants and agencies that incorporate CabinetM into their stack audit, development, implementation, and management service offerings. The program provides favorable pricing for the platform, training, commissions, and introductions to prospective clients.

Are you ready to capitalize on the CabinetM profit opportunity?

Want more information? download our e-book, Advancing Your MarTech Consulting Practice with CabinetM.

What’s in it for you? An "always-on" connection with your clients.

CabinetM enhances the services you offer, by making it simple to:

  • Audit your clients' technology
  • Track the details of every tool in the stack
  • Identify non-performing and under-performing tools
  • Quickly save your clients significant costs by consolidating contracts and eliminating tools
    that are no longer needed
  • Map integrations to assess the impact of replacing key tools
  • Assess your clients' digital maturity (technology + skills)
  • Create a long-term, always-on connection with your clients to ensure their stacks stay up
    to date and deliver results

Are you ready to help your clients optimize their marketing technology investments with CabinetM?

Whether you are ready to fully commit to the CabinetM platform as part of your methodology or have simply identified companies who you think are a fit for CabinetM, we’d like to invite you to consider a partnership with us.

Let's schedule a conversation and demo.

We think you’ll be amazed at what we can deliver to increase your effectivity and service opportunities.

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