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Advance Your MarTech Consulting Practice


Take your technology strategy, implementation, and management services to the next level.

Leading consultants use CabinetM to:

  • Drive revenue growth and efficiently deliver a wide variety of technology-related services to clients including business and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Leverage expertise across the organization to derive insights from client technology projects, and create models by business type, size, and industry.
  • Stay at the cutting edge of technology innovation

Create a cutting-edge service delivery infrastructure using CabinetM.

CabinetM provides the infrastructure to create and maintain a holistic view of all the technology in use in a client’s environment. Whether you are dealing with one tech stack or many, it’s simple to customize CabinetM to meet the needs of any client. CabinetM helps you:

  • Efficiently and effectively deliver a wide variety of technology-related services: From stack audits and rationalization to technology strategy, roadmaps, recommendations, and implementation, to managed stack services.
  • Stay abreast of your client’s operations to identify new service opportunities and increase service revenue with broader, deeper offerings.
  • Create a comprehensive view of each client’s technology stack(s) with data flow diagrams, integration maps, contract records, performance information, and much more.
  • Manage product discovery and evaluation.
  • Assess your clients’ digital maturity, both technology and skills.
  • Work collaboratively internally and with each client.
  • Deliver a living, interactive environment to your clients instead of spreadsheets and pdfs.

Bring the power of the expertise across your entire organization to each client engagement

The pace and breadth of technology innovation makes it difficult for anyone to be an expert across multiple technology categories. In traditional consulting models, each client team operates as an independent silo, making it hard to share knowledge throughout the organization.

With CabinetM, a summary of all client stacks is viewable in a separate consulting instance of the platform making it easy to find and leverage product expertise and insights from similar stack environments.

Use live technology adoption data to identify high-performing models and best practices

Aggregate your clients’ stack data to uncover high-performing models by business type, size, and industry that can be leveraged to develop new and enhanced service offerings and drive revenue growth.

Stay at the cutting edge of technology innovation

The marketing/sales technology landscape has grown to more than 15,000 products with hundreds of new products being announced annually. CabinetM makes it easier to stay on top of technology innovation with a:

  • Database of 15,000 products and growing.
  • Weekly innovation newsletter covering new products and categories.
  • Quarterly innovation report summarizing product announcements, M&A activity and investment in marketing and sales tech.
  • Unique approach to consultant/client connections that exponentially increases the number of people in your environment who track innovation.

Evolve your service infrastructure to drive growth

CabinetM creates a common and flexible infrastructure to provide you with the tools you need to:

  • Expand your service portfolio.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Produce better project deliverables.
  • Leverage the expertise across your organization in service of each client.
  • Stay on top of the latest technology innovations.

Are you ready to capitalize on the CabinetM opportunity?

CabinetM’s Consulting Partnership Program is for consultants and agencies that incorporate CabinetM into their service methodology in support of stack audits and rationalization, strategy and roadmap services, as well as technology implementation and management service offerings.

Let's schedule a conversation and demo. We think you’ll be amazed at what we can deliver to increase your effectiveness and service opportunities.

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