Choose the right CabinetM Plan for you

Pricing starts at $625 per month and is based on the number of products under management and the number of users of the platform.

Please contact us for a custom quote.
Individual Enterprise
Single User
Small Team
Contact us for pricing
Quote Please!
Contact us for pricing
Quote Please!
Number of Users 1 Max. 2 No Limit
Stack Management
Stack Upload
Stack Creation & Annotation Limited number of stacks and products Limited number of stacks and products No Limit
Stack Export
Stack Sharing
Integration Visualization
Stack Consolidation & Reporting
Contract & Vendor Mgmt.
Track Contract Details
Auto-Renewal Reminders
Manage Vendor Compliance
Track Implementation Details
Export Contract Details
Product Discovery & Eval.
Directory Access
Product Comparisons
Manage Product Evaluation
Manage Skill Proficiency
Create Personal SkillStackTM
Share SkillStack
Export SkillStack
Enterprise SkillStacks Priced Separately
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