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Drones, which are remote-controlled flying craft, are being used by marketers to fly cameras, deliver samples and flyers, carry banners and even to collect data on from wireless internet, wearables or other connected devices in its flight path. 

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Drone 55 strives on safely capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective.
Above Summit is a unique blend of creativity and technical precision, rolling out the cutting edge in aerial technology (UAV/UAS systems, or “drones”), aerial photography, and aerial cinematography to offer up dynamic solutions that can be individual...
DroneCast offers drone-based aerial advertising. This patented platform allows us to fly banners, specially branded with a company's messaging, up to 2' wide, and 6' long.
The Drone Co. TrueView Aerial Photography and Video Service is a group of services that use our patent pending filming and editing processes to bring out the details in the project. To offer this service our camera systems are calibrated and our pilo...
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