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Agencies managing the brands of celebrities can assist in securing endorsements of celebrities whose names and companies are often controled by licensing agreements. These agencies act as conduits for advertising campaigns and endorsement strategies while managing their assets'​ profiles.

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Gain access to popular celebrities in your next campaign or promotional event. Our years of experience with, and connectivity to Hollywood talent and agents ensure that you will be able to hire the right celebrity to make your event special and worry...
MMG is a full-service Management Company represents that Actors, Actresses, Hosts, Artists and Models in the vast spectrum of Film, Television, Commercials, Voiceovers, Music, Appearances and Print. MMG talent can be seen in many current print ad cam...
The Vanity Group is composed of resourceful, creative and well-connected lifestyle management advisers who are experienced in Bespoke Event Producing, Luxury Concierge Services, and Talent Relations. They know it takes more than an assertive publici...
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