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Bloom Social Media

Marbella, Málaga, Spain
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Bloom Social Media is dedicated to and specializes in social network and community management.
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Products and Services

Mobile App Development

Bloom Social Media's expert team develops easy-to-use mobile solutions for phones or tablets.
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SEO & SEM Services

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning, Bloom applies the appropriate techniques and methods to prioritize your website on web search engines. Bloom uses key words on your website or blog as well as employing influencers and actionable tips for getting more traffic to your website. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) positioning, Bloom accurately divides ads into segments according to the target, constantly monitoring the activity on your site and tracking your Google Adwords campaigns.
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Social Media & Community Management

Bloom creates personalized social media strategies, tailored to your business. Bloom's services are based on sponsored link campaigns, banners, social media marketing and website performance optimization to improve its position in search rankings. Their community management team makes sure your social media is always active and your clients get a quick response.
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Video Editing Services

Bloom Social Media edits amateur or pro videos with a professional result. Whether you already have videos but do not know how they can be edited to become more professional, or if you need to make a spot for your business, Bloom can help. If your needs are focused on adding corporate material to your website (including logos, corporate images, contact details, etc.) or promoting your products in a e-commerce environment, Bloom will edit your videos and images to get the expected result.
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Web Design & Branding

Bloom Social Media will take care of your corporate image and website. They are focused on offering a careful and unique design, allowing our customers to edit and maintain their own web content. Whether you are looking for a website, a blog or an e-commerce solution, Bloom's years of experience and knowledge in the field of web design mean that their results will fulfill your needs.
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Web Development

Bloom builds websites for your needs. They have expertise in everything from Wordpress to the most popular and dynamic programming languages used for creating and developing websites such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MSQL. Bloom evaluates your business needs and transforms them into very competitive products. Thanks to their professional and high-qualified team, they can build sites and digital platforms that will make your business stand out from your competitors.
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