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Essex Digital Platform

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Agency Overview
Essex Digital Platform offers Business-Focused Digital Marketing Solutions for CMOs, Business Owners, and Senior Marketers.
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Products and Services

Audio/Video Targeting

Esse Digital Platform provides Audio/Video Targeting services that include connected TV, in-stream video, and programmatic audio.
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B2B Targeting

Essex Digital Platform offers B2B Targeting Services that include B2B intelligent targeting and NAICS/SIC (North American Industry Classification System/Standard Industrial Classification) targeting.
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Creative Services

Essex Digital Platform provides display ad creative in HTML 5 format for all 11 ad sizes.
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Data Integration Services

Essex Digital Platform's data integration services deliver rich data sets and deep insights into customer behavior, demographics, attribution, affinity, and in-market segmentation. This is accomplished by connecting systems so they communicate and share clean data, and is also done to ensure your website can support a digital marketing campaign.
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Display Ad Services

Essex Digital Platform provides a range of display ad services, including behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, keyword targeting, retargeting, native advertising, and live intent.
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Location Tracking/Targeting

Essex Digital Platform offers Location Tracking/Targeting services that include location tracking, historical audience targeting, geo-fencing, and IP targeting.
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Organic/Paid Social Media

Essex Digital Platform offers both Organic and Paid Social Media Services. For organic social media, their social media specialists will work directly with your team to create a consistent and topical posting strategy that will encourage positive interaction with your brand. For paid social media, a team of specialists will help you develop a social media ad strategy that will execute successfully across all social media platforms appropriate for your brand to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.
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Paid Search

Essex Digital Platform creates and manages Google ads (Paid Search) campaigns to promote your business. Adding Paid Search to your marketing mix will assist you in selling services, raise awareness, increased phone calls and website traffic lift. Essex Digital Platform creates keywords and writes ads that match your core services. This will capture online users searching, via Google, who are further down the sales funnel and ready to engage with your product or service.
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