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Hoodoo Digital

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Agency Overview
Hoodoo Digital brings simplicity to the complexity of an AEM implementation and complements it with outstanding experience design.
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Products and Services

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Services

Hoodoo Digital's certified Adobe Experience Manager experts have the experience to make your AEM project successful, whether it’s a strategic enterprise deployment across multiple brands, an extremely rapid microsite, or a problem that keeps haunting you. Hoodoo Digital deploys AEM architects in smaller, more qualified teams to produce higher quality results in less time.
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Cord, formerly AEM Cloud, accelerates your Adobe Experience Manager delivery through Auto-DevOps. It's a full-service DevOps platform with a 99.9% SLA that gives you easy to provision AEM environments with an intuitive admin dashboard, a CLI, and Git driven configuration, making it easy for everyone touching your AEM projects. Cord provides five unique capabilities including Cord Dev, Cord Pipes, Cord Review, Cord Ops, and Cord Edge.
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Experience Design

Hoodoo Digital's team understands how to design for the enterprise. They create deliverables meant to be deployed to your multiple marketing technologies and distributed globally to diverse markets.
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