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Stockholm, Sweden
Agency Overview
Infozone is an IT consulting firm with broad expertise within systems development, virtual infrastructure and business intelligence. They deliver customized, efficient and robust IT systems as well as structuring and automating your IT environments for optimum performance, operation and economy.
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Products and Services

Centralized GPU

Organizations whose employees work with graphically intensive applications often experience limitations in terms of ergonomics, economy and flexibility. Infozone has the ability to offer clients a centralized service for the GPU (graphics processing unit), which creates flexibility, mobility and cost effectiveness.
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Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is the process of accelerating and automating development cycles and producing and managing data warehouses, without compromising on quality and content. With DWA, Infozone is able to automate large parts of the entire life cycle of a data warehouse, from the source system to testing the documentation. It helps to improve productivity and enable proactivity, reduces risks by being less dependent on individuals, reduces costs and improves quality. Infozone will help you implement DWA with the help of their partner, TimeXtender. With TimeXtender's Discovery Hub, your organization’s various data sources will be accessible through centralized control, making the process smoother than ever before. Users in different roles have direct access to current and accurate data quickly and easily, ensuring that all of your users have access to the most up-to-date data. With TimeXtender's data warehouse automation, we can help you access to the information you need from multiple data sources simultaneously by storing the information in a centralized and structured datahub.
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External BI

Infozone will analyze your needs and provide the right tools to add value to your stakeholders with External BI (Business Intelligence). The ability for external partners to access information is an increasingly common expectation from customer and partner relations, as there is a growing desire to gain information based on the interaction that occurs between companies. Now more than ever, information should be informative and transparent. Externally directed intelligence increases confidence and can strengthen your relationships with customers, members, suppliers and partners. It is an effective method to create value and enhance your business and operations.
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Staff moves along with the movement of your organization, and is oftentimes spread geographically. Maintaining good control over HR procedures creates a solid foundation for several important issues such as health status, career, wages, training, talent management, overtime and reorganization.
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ICA – Infozone Citrix Assessment

The aim of ICA is to support clients in strategic work on the Citrix environment. Infozone's experts assess how it looks today and how they can develop the environment to meet future needs and requirements. ICA works as a technical support to clients and provides valuable support in the dialogue with existing operational partner and with Citrix.
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Inventory Control

Keeping track of inventory and capital tied is a top priority for many organizations. First, it is important to ensure that your business has the right products in stock to meet the demands from your customers. Furthermore, you do not want to incur excessive costs by having too many goods sitting in the warehouse with the risk of your products going bad.
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ISA – Infrastructure Site Audit

The aim with ISA is to create a foundation and an analysis of the IT infrastructure. ISA can be performed on all or part of the client’s infrastructure. First, Infozone’s experts interview representatives from your IT organization to receive a detailed overview of your environment so they can form an opinion on how the internal organization operates. Next, their experts analyze design, settings, review the documentation, construct an overview of the dependencies and make sure the environment is set up using best practices. Finally, reports are presented to selected members of your organization. The reports present the results of the review and suggestions for improvement and recommendations for next steps.
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Profitability Control

One of the most important factors for success of a business is keeping track of profitability and pricing. Infozone’s knowledge and experience of this type of Business Intelligence solution can contribute to further improvements in profitability follow-up.
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Infozone has in-depth knowledge and experience on how to effectively reach out and organize information from SAP using Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver. It enables users to quickly, easily and flexibly analyze data. Infozone has worked with SAP and Qlik in a wide variety of companies, industries and functions.
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Self-Service BI

Self-Service BI equips customers with a simple means to distribute, analyze and create reports to strengthen decision-making within organizations. Infozone provides customers the opportunity to easily manage and access all the data they wish to see. Self-Service BI equips customers with a simple means to distribute, analyze and create reports to strengthen decision-making within organizations. Infozone will build the right tools to cost-effectively and easily deploy Self-Service BI in your organization.
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