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Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, United States
Agency Overview
Infutor gives brands a secure, privacy compliant foundation to improve inbound engagements and outbound marketing reach, and to minimize fraud and collections risk.
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Products and Services

Appending and Enhancement

Data appending and enhancement allows you to find new ways to communicate with your consumers (email, phones, online targeting, postal mail) and learn key behavioral and demographic attributes to segment and provide more relevant offers. Infutor’s data appending and enhancement service accesses their master data repository containing billions of consumer attributes including name, phone number, email address, postal address, demographics, and lifestyle information. By providing basic information such as name and phone number or email address, you can instantly gain a full 360˚ view of your consumers.
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Data Hygiene

Infutor provides a suite of data hygiene services to ensure your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is always current. Whether you are a marketer or fraud and collections specialist, you need the most current, up-to-date consumer information.
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Data Licensing

Infutor works relentlessly to provide the industry’s most accurate data assets, compiled and validated through a series of rigorous processes. Their data assets include consumer referential data, telephone data, consumer demographic data, nationwide real property data, email & digital data, auto owners data, bankruptcy listings, and deceased data.
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Infutor’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Hosting Solution allows you to instantly interact with your own data and make real-time decisions, while minimizing the logistics and costs of data hosting and maintenance. Solutions can be customized to meet your specific enterprise goals and objectives, with fast and flexible program implementation.
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Infutor Identity Graph

Identity Graph is a customer identity tool enabling marketers to leverage a repository of name, address, phone and email identity information linked with attribute data. Infutor Identity Graph enables users to verify consumer identities on-demand at the time of ingestion or inbound engagement, starting with as little as a single piece of inbound identity data—name, phone, address, email. Infutor will append missing information and normalize the structure of the data so clean data is uploaded to the system.
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Integration and Linking

Data integration is the ability for a business to look at every data point within their organization, across all systems, technology and platforms to gain a single view of the data. This allows businesses to make critical decisions in real- to near-real-time, based on a consolidated view of all available information. Through Infutor’s InRichment 360˚ Data Integration Platform, they are able to provide you with a single view of all your consumer information. Using Infutor's referential data repository and specialized matching algorithms, InRichment360˚ performs several processes to apply a Persistent ID to your records. This PID allows them to quickly and accurately identify all individuals within your enterprise databases, linking duplicate individuals through the PID.
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Prospect Lists

By accessing Infutor’s repository of unique and diverse consumer attributes, you will be able to segment and target the exact audience you need to most effectively market your product or service. Every business needs to start somewhere. Whether it’s launching a new product or service to an emerging market, or consistently delivering your message to the most targeted audience, prospecting is the foundation of any business.
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