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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Agency Overview
iQlance is a mobile app development company.
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Products and Services

Digital Marketing & Market Research

iQlance has a team of Digital Marketing and marketing research experts who provide customized solutions for your ideas. Their experience includes app store optimization, digital marketing services, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay-per-click.
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Emerging Technologies

The iQlance Group possesses specialization to develop customized web, mobile, social and cloud applications. They cater to varying clients and calibrate app development solutions with the prime objective to meet their clients’ requirements in the best way as possible, while delivering an appropriate product to assure success of their businesses or fulfill their objectives. Their expertise includes Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), ReactJS, and Chatbot development.
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Enterprise Solutions

iQlance delivers a wide range of enterprise app solutions for different platforms/technologies, which include SAP, Sharepoints, POS, ERP, CRM, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Cloud Computing and AI. They specialize in Artificial Intelligence based algorithms and deep learning to automate your business operations, obtain insights via Big Data and ensure sound business decisions. Other than this, the iQlance Group offers a huge gamut of CRM solutions, which span across consultation, creation of roadmaps, testing and migration and maintenance solutions.
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Game Development

iQlance supports game development by providing high end gaming solutions using various high end game development platforms. These platforms are used for building games, apps and other graphic interface interactive applications on cross platforms.
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Mobile App Development

iQlance offers one-stop mobile app development services for iOS, Windows, and Android. iQlance's Mobile Application Development experts always utilize advanced technology and tools to create many highly customized mobile apps to meet the specific requirements of their customers and business enterprises.
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Web Development

iQlance's web development experts deploy unique solutions to meet the needs of their clients and are well-versed in WordPress, PHP, SharePoint, ASP.NET, CakePHP, Joomla and Drupal. Eye-catching themes, unique designs and visually appealing website layouts have helped them to obtain a strong position in the web development sector.
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