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Oxford, United Kingdom
Agency Overview
Nominet manages and runs the infrastructure for over 10 million domain names that end in .uk as well as Welsh Top Level Domains (TLDs) .cymru and .wales and 35 other branded and generic TLDs, including .bbc and .london. Over 3 million businesses, and millions more consumers, rely on its domain registry services.
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Products and Services

Cyber Security Services

Nominet offers a range of cyber security services. These services range from access to their analytics software to integrate into your existing security stack, through to full management of your DNS, a service they run for the UK Government. Nominet's active defense platform analyses huge volumes of data in real-time, identifying abnormalities and flagging top issues to be addressed.
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Registry Services

Nominet's Registry Services offer Top Level Domain (TLD) innovation, experience & infrastructure designed around your needs. Whether you’re looking to secure a new TLD for your brand, hobby or community or already have a TLD and are looking for an innovative partner to help drive forward your innovation, Nominet can provide the right solution to you. All their services are tailored to you depending on your needs and objectives.
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