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Southbury, Connecticut, United States
Agency Overview
NorthPage specializes in Cognitive Marketing Analytics, a discipline that objectively and intelligently evaluates digital marketing programs and provides actionable guidance to boost performance.
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Products and Services

NorthPage Benchmark

NorthPage Benchmark is a tool to evaluate digital marketing program strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, health and quality, providing a baseline for improvement.
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NorthPage Cognition

NorthPage Cognition provides a diagnostic benchmark and competitive scoring report for selected digital marketing programs and customer digital journey areas. The solution spans programs in web, mobile, social, search, content and E-commerce.
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NorthPage Cognitive Suite

NorthPage Cognitive Suite is a digital performance optimization program that evaluates digital marketing program performance, enables marketers to gain comparative insights and helpful guidance.
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NorthPage Compete

NorthPage Compete is a competitive intelligence solution that enables organizations to gain intelligence and insight into a competitor's digital marketing programs.
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NorthPage E-Channel

NorthPage E-Channel provides insight into the presence and performance of a brand across eChannel retailers. Marketers gain intelligence about performance benchmark, identifying strengths and challenges across eChannel brand merchandising, product merchandising, product listing data quality and eCommerce prominence.
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NorthPage Enhance

NorthPage Enhance is a marketing performance solution that offers prescriptive digital program guidance. The solution provides a diagnostic benchmark against 5,000+ digital marketing program quality and best practice tests.
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NorthPage KPI Insight

NorthPage KPI Insight is a digital KPI optimization solution that provides diagnostic insights and enhancement guidance. Optimized KPIs include traffic, abandonment, task completion, time spent on site, conversion, and Average Order Value (AOV).
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NorthPage Mobile

NorthPage Mobile offers data-driven mobile-specific insights across key digital marketing program areas to optimize customer mobile experience. The platform evaluates digital marketing program capabilities, health and quality, providing a baseline and priority focus for future improvement.
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NorthPage Platform

NorthPage Platform is an OEM Provider solution enabling SaaS product developers to embed Cognitive Marketing Analytics intelligence into the code of a new or existing product.
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NorthPage Quality

NorthPage Quality drives quality performance of digital marketing programs with regular diagnostic testing including deployment, technical, functional, content and user experience tests.
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NorthPage Social

NorthPage Social assesses social media program capabilities and optimizes performance with enhancement guidance. Includes performance diagnostics of social media programs, evaluating content and functionality.
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NorthPage Trailblazer

NorthPage Trailblazer is a competitive intelligence tool that maps the footprint of a digital leader who embodies the “high water mark” of capabilities and level of digital performance.
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NorthPage Trends

NorthPage Trends is a competitive intelligence tool that enables marketers to stay up-to-date on new digital strategies, tactics and areas of investment by competitors. The platform operates from a global perspective, providing insights into competitors’ international digital marketing movements and investments.
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