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Social Labs

Barcelona, Spain
Agency Overview
Social Labs is providing the best-of-breed social business solutions to help customers to become an Enterprise 4.0 where people, mission critical processes and things (IoT) are smartly and continually connected to cooperate, collaborate and share knowledge and information. Social Labs has a central Lab in Barcelona (Spain) and two more labs in Mexico City (Mexico) and another Lab in Phoenix (US).
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Products and Services

Social Labs Adwords

Social Labs Adwords is a management system to define and segment digital marketing campaigns by keyword, can define targeting criteria, dates, times, content and formats of the advertising campaign or content sponsorship.
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Social Labs Corporate Search Engine

Social Labs Corporate Search Engine is a component that improves and optimizes the information search experience. It offers syntactic-semantic searches, heuristics, geolocation, auto-completion and highlighting of results by themes. It includes the possibility to search within documents (pdf, word, excel, ppt, ocr...) and index and search the corporate BDs and additional information sources through bots development.
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Social Labs eCommerce

Social Labs eCommerce is a platform for buying and selling new and second hand products, it facilitates the creation of virtual stores for customers and supplier
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Social Labs Employment and Training

Social Labs Employment and Training is an "inspired by Linkedin" solution for corporate management of employment, training and management of talent and skills.
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Social Labs Geolocation

Social Labs Geolocation works via integration with Google Maps, Waze and Open Street offers search for optimal routes and directions. It integrates with enterprise transactional basesystems and connected devices.
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Social Labs Meritocracy

Social Labs Meritocracy offers the possibility to customers and users to give their valuation in the use and enjoyment of service and contracted product.
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Social Labs Messenger

Social Labs Messenger is a platform for communication, collaboration and access to information (based on instant messaging & video streaming), the entire social ecosystem of the company, (collaborators, customers, suppliers), key business processes and things IoT) in a private, secure and confidential manner.
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Social Labs Notifications

Social Labs Notifications is a system of notifications "push", to communicate events of key processes of business, things (IoT), to Apps and web applications.
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Social Labs Social Corporate Network

Social Labs Social Corporate Network is a social platform for the communication, collaboration and management of the knowledge of the social ecosystem of a company (collaborators, clients, suppliers) in a private, secure and confidential way.
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