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London, United Kingdom
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Stylus is an innovation research and trends membership service. They help businesses process global Consumer Lifestyle, Consumer Product and Consumer Engagement insights, stimulating innovation and growth.
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Stylus's four-stage approach ensures they are identifying industry developments that will have substantial business impact. 1. Research: Stylus trawls the globe to investigate and identify emerging trends and innovations, gathering and processing information from industry experts, trade shows, conferences and more. 2. Synthesize: Stylus makes sense of emerging trends, establishing patterns, relevance and potential cross-industry impact, and distills them into coherent themes. 3. Deliver: They share their results with Stylus members via online content, webinars, innovation forums, workshops, presentations and beyond. 4. Track: Stylus continues to observe the trajectories and life cycles of their trends, looking at media validation and global influence, as well as cross-industry relevance.
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Stylus gives you access to the most important global and cross-industry trends. Membership enables real-time access to Stylus reports, images and analysis as they are published. It provides the latest research into conceptual and emerging trends globally and across industries, specifically with a view to understanding their impact on and application to business. Stylus focuses on six core platforms of research - Luxury Perspectives, Digital Worlds, Sustainable Futures, Fast Consumption, Wraparound Wellness, and Diversity Outlook - in order to pinpoint the most relevant trends and insights for their members.
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