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Third Wave Digital

Macon, Georgia, United States
Agency Overview
Third Wave Digital is a multifaceted communication design, creation and implementation firm servicing the needs of businesses trying to find a better way to communicate their core value proposition to other businesses and/or directly to their customers. Third Wave Digital’s team are veterans of riding the wave of change that is constantly reshaping the world of communication and we excel at providing non-traditional, out-of-box solutions for our client’s needs in the areas of Corporate Communications, Web Design & Development, Exhibit design & Creation and advertising creative services.
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Products and Services

Third Wave Digital Exhibit Development

Third Wave Digital has created a wide variety of high-tech presentations that utilize the latest in motion graphics, immersive GUIs and some out-of-the box-concepts in our exhibit creation work for Visitor Centers and Museums needing fresh ideas. In addition to creating new exhibit concepts from the ground up, Third Wave Digital excels at retrofitting and upgrading antiquated exhibits with new content elements and completely new hardware to give your initial exhibit investment several more years of usability.
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