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Paris, France
Company Overview
ActiveViam provides precision analytics platforms to help organizations in finance and retail make better decisions, faster.
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Products and Services


Whether your goal is to adhere to delivery schedules, enforce traders’ risk limits, or minimize response time to customers - ActiveMonitor draws your attention to deviations from plans in real-time and helps you respond to events, issues and trends immediately as they occur. Constantly monitoring your operational metrics against the goals you have defined, ActiveMonitor notifies you when limits are breached, automatically triggering processes to steer performance back on track.
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ActivePivot aggregates massive amounts of fast moving data from multiple sources, storing it in its in-memory database to enable optimal decisions in a timely fashion. Combining incremental transactional and analytical processing, the ActivePivot computes sophisticated metrics on data that is updated on the fly without the need for any pre-aggregation. It lets you explore metrics across hundreds of dimensions, analyze live data at its most granular level and perform what-if simulations at unparalleled speed.
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ActiveUI is a UI environment designed to enable your organization to take full advantage of the analytics power offered by ActivePivot. ActiveUI empowers you and your to navigate easily through vast streams of data, bringing to the foreground the pieces that are relevant to steer your business forward. The powerful “What-If?” engine lets you simulate the impact of all possible scenarios and the collaborative platform transforms the decision-making process in your company to make it lighter, faster and better at finding the best way forward.
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