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Advanced Kiosks

Franklin, New Hampshire, United States
Company Overview
Advanced Kiosks is a premier supplier of state-of-the-art self-service solutions featuring interactive turn-key computer kiosk systems with software that can be delivered and installed at a moment's notice. The design, engineering, manufacturing and support are all based in the United States.
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Products and Services

Events Crier

Events Crier is an online event calendar that enables every department, group, club to link their iCalendars and showcase all the events going on in your area, business, court or university. Each event uses the information uploaded on the iCalendar and displays the location, time, and contact information all on the easy-to-use interface.
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Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes is kiosk software that was developed specifically to honor our deceased military heroes and provide an elegant interactive memorial to highlight each individual and group. The Fallen Heroes software interface is easily customized to accommodate any branch of service, group colors, branding or logos. The Advanced Kiosks built in software allows the user to easily administrate and update the content as needed.
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Lobby Attendant

Enhance your lobby with Lobby Attendant, the way-finding and building directory software from Advanced Kiosks. Choose a base template from their library for the look and layout of your interface, add a picture and your company logo for a custom look, customize maps of your building or campus, upload your departments and personal information and you’re up and running. There are a wide variety of options: connect your Lobby Attendant® to a RSS feed for news, sports or local current information, enable your guests to complete a survey, view the weather, link to local attractions, as well as search for faculty and staff members. All while knowing that you control what the user will be able to do. With additional options of adding VOIP calling, text messaging, signing in customers with a printed name tag and picture, Lobby Attendant will improve your customers’ experience.
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Qline is a queuing software for self serve kiosks designed for check-in, processing and data gathering. Qline kiosk software checks-in visitors, sets them up in a queue and provides a status display section to let them know where they stand in the wait. Qline kiosk queuing software allows your staff to organize waiting visitors in the queue, set-up alerts, track queue statistics and is easy to use and set-up!
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The Zamok suite of kiosk management software is designed to lock down your kiosk and allow users to securely and conveniently access only content that is specified by the administrators. Zamok Foundation addresses a wide array of security concerns common to self service solutions. The Zamok suite allows you to minimize your project’s development curve, while maximizing flexibility by offering a number of Add-on Functionalities on an ”a la carte” basis, allowing you to pay for only the solutions that you need. Those add-ons include Zamok Cloud Management Solution, Zamok Homepage Solution, Zamok Credit Card Solution, Zamok VOIP Solution, Zamok Scanning Solution, and Zamok Driver's License Scanning Solution. The Zamok software suite is developed by Advanced Kiosks specifically for unattended, self service computer kiosks. The simple setup and add-on features are an instant favorite for first time owners and seasoned IT wizards alike.
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