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Mountain View, California, United States
Company Overview
AgilOne integrates customer data from all digital and physical channels, analyzes and predicts customer behavior with industry-leading AI, and lets marketers engage with customers at every touch point with consistent and deep personalization. With AgilOne, enterprises maximize customer lifetime value by enabling marketers to fully know their customers and respond to them in an authentic way.
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Products and Services

AgilOne Customer Data Platform

The AgilOne Customer Data Platform helps consumer brands develop relationships that increase the lifetime value of their customers via a single customer view, analytics and machine learning, and by activating customer data to orchestrate engagement across channels. AgilOne is a true big data platform with infinite dimensions and high performance so enterprise teams can easily configure unique business rules, data elements, metadata, and scripting directly into the platform. AgilOne is the only customer data platform that can scale to the enterprise level, with proven success handling their clients’ billions of transactions and 100M+ customers in near real-time.
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