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AIM Software

Vienna, Austria
Company Overview
AIM Software is a fast-growing and award-winning provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) business applications to the buy-side.
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Products and Services

GAIN as a Service

GAIN as a Service is designed to improve your business operations by relieving you of the burden of in-house data management. Their focus is on delivering accurate and timely market and reference data that is ready to use in your business processes, together with expert advice that helps you to remain one step ahead. By choosing GAIN as a Service, you can become more operationally efficient and increase your business agility.
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GAIN Benchmark Master

GAIN Benchmark Master simplifies the sourcing and distribution of index and benchmark data across all business functions within the enterprise. As a centralized data hub, GAIN Benchmark Master automates on-boarding and quality controls of index data received from multiple vendors and streamlines benchmark data usage.
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GAIN Corporate Actions

GAIN Corporate Actions enables clients to reduce manual interventions in the capture and validation of corporate actions announcement data from multiple sources. This productized business application ensures that each announcement is completely and accurately captured before being sent to downstream systems. Corporate actions are gathered, channeled, analyzed and prioritized in real time, ensuring that the most critical corporate actions data is identified and processed first. GAIN Corporate Actions helps improve client service while freeing up corporate actions specialists to focus on the higher value tasks.
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GAIN Data Portal

GAIN Data Portal provides a central data repository of market and reference data that can be directly accessed by spreadsheets, or by any application from any place in the organization.
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GAIN Entity Master

GAIN Entity Master is a comprehensive business application for cleansing, matching and maintaining Entity Data. It uniquely enables data managers and operations, as well as compliance and risk management professionals, to increase and maintain the quality of reference data related to the entities they interact with and are exposed to.
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GAIN Portfolio Pricing

GAIN Portfolio Pricing is a Pricing Master dedicated to the central pricing of multiple portfolios. This award-winning Business Application provides a central point of control and transparency for pricing funds and portfolios. The system helps pricing teams to boost straight through processing (STP) levels and increase their business agility.
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GAIN Quant DB is a highly configurable aggregation database designed to accelerate the development of models and testing of strategies in MatLab, R or other analytics platforms. The system helps speed up research processes by automating tedious data preparation tasks. GAIN Quant DB aggregates and cross-references data from multiple sources (including Thomson Reuters QA, Bloomberg and stock exchanges) and creates reports that are seamlessly integrated into numerical computing environments, such as MATLAB.
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GAIN Security Master

GAIN Security Master centralizes and simplifies the management of all securities reference data accumulated through your operations, providing financial institutions with a single source of truth for all reference data queries. With GAIN Security Master, you can be confident that your data is accurate before it reaches your downstream systems.
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